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The Winning in the C-Suite Method

Executive Coaching Package
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The Winning in the C-Suite Method is a highly customized approach designed to help you do what you do best - achieve company goals and win. You will work on developing your teams to get things off of your plate in order to focus on doing what only you can do as the C-Suite leader. 


You will receive concrete action steps on how to develop your team members and align the company around your vision to achieve success.


We will help you deliver on your promises to solidify you and your organizations reputation as one you can be proud of.

The Winning in the
C-Suite Method includes:

  • One year of one-on-one coaching (38 sessions)

  • Unlimited text and email access

  • Four group coaching sessions for your direct reports

  • Unlimited email access for your direct reports

  • 16 one-on-one coaching calls for you to assign to your team as you see fit

  • Customized templates for building your winning strategy, communicating your vision, defining personal success, and more

  • Customized templates for your team to identify their hidden rules, communicate their goals,  identify opportunities, and more

  • Exclusive networking and connections with other VIP clients

  • Winning C-Suite Mindset Assessment for you and five team members

  • 360 Assessment

  • Books and other materials (planners, connection cards, etc.) for you and your team

  • Effective communication toolkit

When you focus on you, everything else falls into place

This highly customized program fills in the gaps that my competitors aren't currently addressing, such as:

  • A focus on coaching YOU and not just your business

  • Communication skills with your team, focused on working with people from any background or identity

  • How to gain the trust of your team and have your team trust one another

  • How to say no to shiny objects while staying focused on the one big thing.

  • Uniting your work and personal identities

The Details

Step 1: Deliver on your Promises


This step is all about you, your leadership skills, and how you perform at work. You were hired to deliver on certain promises. The weight of the company is on your shoulders and you may not have anyone to talk to about how YOU can improve. This can be really lonely. In this step we will focus on what is required by you so you don't let your investors, team, or your family down. 


The ability to identify your personal strategy and definition of success is key so you can know at the end of day your work is something to be proud of. Being aware of how you think, react, and lead can help  harness your skills  so you can maximize your impact.



This step may include strategies such as:

​Identifying your personal winning strategy

What to do instead of getting pissed off

Defining the expectations for yourself at work and at home

The Winning Mindset Assessment - identify thoughts that are holding you back

Step 2: Achieve Company Goals

There is a never ending list of goals to achieve and matching to-do list to get you there. You were hired for a reason, and whether it's growth, profit, retention, or KPIs it can be hard to juggle it all.  Sometimes all of the things on your to do list can make you feel like you will never sleep again. We will work towards breaking down each of those looming projects into tangible, concrete items so you KNOW you are achieving your company goals and are able to get some rest at night.


This step may include strategies such as:

​Identifying the goals that only you can affect

What to delegate and how to establish checkpoints so you are comfortable letting go

Plan the one or two big things you will accomplish this year

Determining your five year legacy project

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Step 3: Develop a High Performing Team

Achieving success would be so much easier if you had a team that cleared your to do list from the mundane, right? We will work to build your direct reports into a team that is supporting the organization using their individual, unique talents. You will be able to identify what they are really saying to you, how to build trust, and how to help each team member contribute to achieving company goals in a way that will help you stay out of the weeds and focused on strategy.


This step may include strategies such as:

Articulating your vision in a ​way that garners buy-in

How to communicate with a variety of personalities, backgrounds, and styles

Build trust by getting tension out in the open in a productive way

Set a team strategy to move the company forward

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