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Meet Your Coach



Why Work With Me?

As both a woman with an executive leadership background and an executive coach, I am able to provide a unique and fresh perspective to people in C-Suite level positions. 


My super-powers include…

  • Helping you connect to and develop your diverse team in a world of increased equity and inclusion. 

  • Intuition & Connection:  Helping you get a read on your team, their motivators, and what they might really be thinking (even though they aren’t saying it outloud) 

  • Finding the root of the problem

  • Asking difficult questions you may not want to answer (but need to answer)

  • Developing people

  • Helping C-Suite leaders achieve any BHAG they set in front of themselves

Jennifer Carter

Executive Coach

My mission is to help C-Suite leaders feel supported while holding the weight of the world on their shoulders.

My Story

Leaving undergrad, I rose up the ranks quickly in Goodwill. As one of the largest nonprofits in the nation, I led an entire division starting in my 20s and remember feeling pressure, alone, and drowning. I had no idea what I was doing. I was only able to keep growing, learning, and leading due to blind persistence, focus, and the kindness of various generous mentors and leaders.


As my career developed further, I experienced multiple leadership seminars, coaches, mentors, books, and trainings. I was always trying to do more, be the best, force people to move faster, and drive results until people were run over. 


It wasn't until I learned to get ‘comfortable with quiet’ that I ever really felt successful. 


Experiencing and being comfortable with the quiet allowed me to enjoy my time as a leader through listening, thinking, dreaming, and implementing, while drawing out creative and useful ideas from my team. My job was to help them be successful in identifying and implementing strategies to achieve company goals. Where before I would stay up all night either working or worrying about working, I found a way to achieve more at work with less effort and actually enjoy my day.


Let's Get Started.

My Coaching Sweet Spots: 


Long-term growth versus short-term fixes


Leadership development


Increasing team collaboration

My Coaching Style

Direct and patient


I’ll tell you what others in your circle are afraid to (all in the name of helping you achieve your big goals.)

Image by Alexis Mette

Fun Facts

I was born and raised in Michigan.  After experiencing 100 inches of snow in one winter, I officially became a Texan.


In my spare time you can find me serving on the board for various non-profit organizations, competing in road and trail races, reading 2 books at a time, and dreaming of adopting stray animals.

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