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Your vision brought to life

We can't wait to hear from you! Reach out today for a quote and let us help you create solutions.

Flashlight Thinking provides customers professional development packages to help your team move towards the future. Seminars can be booked for single topics or as multi-day sessions. Areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Outcomes Tracking

  • Delivering Social Impact Programming

  • Team Building

  • Organization Culture

You have come to the conclusion that your organization needs some major changes but do not know where to start.  Your agency is stuck in how it has always been, and you want to move into world changing, innovative work.  By utilizing Flashlight Thinking to optimize your nonprofit's management and planning, you will be provided with clarity of vision and a roadmap to success. 

This package includes Nonprofit Management Consulting plus ongoing support for you and up to three additional team members through leadership coaching. Custom packages are also available depending on your organization's specific needs.

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Your team has talent which has been demonstrated time and time again by the results which they have produced.  Now the world is changing and quickly at that.  Flashlight Thinking works with organizations that want to take the leap to prepare themselves for tomorrow instead of simply surviving today.

With 17 years of leadership and management experience, we will build a customized plan for your business to move out of stagnation and into vibrancy.  By working with you and your team up close and personal, Flashlight Thinking will analyze, recommend, and implement solutions to build the kind of organization you envision. With expertise in coaching, organizational culture, talent development, nonprofit management, and strategic planning, Flashlight Thinking takes your business into tomorrow.

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